Creative Ideas for Employee Name Badges

Employee name badges help coworkers get to know one another, let customers know who's serving them, and increase worker accountability. In some offices, badges also play an important role in maintaining security. But most employees don't really enjoy wearing them, and few companies make full use of their potential. Here are a few ideas for creating more engaging, visually impressive nametags. 

Change the shape

Employee tags come in more shapes than the standard rounded rectangle. If your business has a logo or product you want to promote, create badges that incorporate its shape. The unique image will attract customers' eyes and make employees stand out in a busy environment such as a shop floor or restaurant. If your office is in a large office building or business park, a distinctive-looking badge can help coworkers recognise one another quickly and make your employees stand out. 


No two employees are alike, so why should two name badges be identical? Let employees choose images, nicknames or captions for their name tags. Dan -- the pretty one is a more interesting and memorable name badge than Hello, my name is Dan. Nametags that express each team member's personality are more individual and better for employee morale than standard blank rectangles. This applies to office ID badges as much as to customer-service nametags; team members like being able to make an individual statement on their badges as well as in their work. 

Blow up images

To make badges more distinctive at a difference, go outside the frame by setting the employee photograph as the background of the badge rather than keeping it off to one side as a thumbnail image. Tiny employee-badge photographs are hard to see, but full-size photos are much more visually impressive. The only caveat is that you'll have to make sure your ID badge photos are a little nicer than most companies'.  Also, make sure that the employee's name is still highly visible.

Vital information

Company badges can be more than decorative; they're also a good place to print information your workers can't be without. If employees need email addresses, phone extension numbers or site maps, why not print them on the reverse of their ID badges? Since they should always have their badges with them, they'll always have the information they need. 

Whether office ID cards or shop nametags, badges say a lot about your employees and your company. These ideas can help make them into more than just the same old plastic rectangles.